7 Easy & best Veg Sandwich Recipes Indian Style

7 Easy & best Veg Sandwich Recipes Indian Style | 7 healthy veg Sandwich recipes for kids | Healthy Lunch box Ideas. Try these simple veg sandwich recipes which are healthy for kids and protein packed.

Spinach Corn Sandwich: https://youtu.be/79E9RWCVwDg

Veg Mayonnaise Sandwich : https://youtu.be/6AljMPJAx5Y

Spicy Potato Sandwich: https://youtu.be/jxtz5h2DZXk

Paneer Bhurji Sandwich: https://youtu.be/zeQ0X_vMoOo

Curd/Yogurt Sandwich: https://youtu.be/goan6kEkRHY

Cucumber Sandwich: https://youtu.be/8rkvfWrMvDk

Fruit Sandwich : https://youtu.be/eX99vXxArbA

Detailed Written Recipe:

Spinach Corn Sandwich: https://www.indianveggiedelight.com/spinach-corn-sandwich/

Veg Mayonnaise Sandwich : https://www.indianveggiedelight.com/veg-mayonnaise-sandwich/

Spicy Potato Sandwich: https://www.indianveggiedelight.com/spicy-potato-sandwich/

Paneer Bhurji Sandwich: https://www.indianveggiedelight.com/paneer-bhurji-sandwich/

Curd/Yogurt Sandwich: https://www.indianveggiedelight.com/curd-sandwich/

Cucumber Sandwich: https://www.indianveggiedelight.com/cucumber-chutney-sandwich/

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